Object[] not being carried over to generics in DAO operation


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I have an Entity with a legacy operation that is designed to return a List<Object[]>. Changing the expected return type is an option but a difficult one. I have tried the following approaches to set the type ( in MD 16.8 ):

Setting type to 'Object' with the type modifier of '[]'
Setting type to 'Object[]' with no type modifier
Setting type to 'Object[]' with type modifier of '[]'
In every case, my Daos (interface and base) will generate a method with return type of List<Object>. I have also tested having List<Object[]> as a operation parameter and I see the same result (List<Object>). I have no problem with Object[] with no multiplicity (not a generic in a List).


I have enableTemplating on, and I use multiplicity for the List. But the Object[] inside the list from the model is resulting in a List<Object> instead of a List<Object[]> being generated in the code. As mentioned above I used all the intuitive datatype settings that I could think of. This is a common occurence for me becuase when using hibernate's Query and SqlQuery classes, List<Object[]> is a very common return from the Query.list() method. I can avoid all this by doing unchecked casting later down in my implementation code, but the Object[] just seems more appropriate.


I tried what another poster suggested in a semi-related forum post: to create a phantom datatype to trick andromda into generating the right Type, but it did not work. I created a datatype in MD called 'Object[]' and assigned that to my return parameter's 'type'. I then changed multiplicity to '0..*' and tried regenerating, but instead of seeing a List<Object[]>, I again saw a List<Object>. It seems that andromda is actively stripping out the array type modifier when there is a multiplicity involved in a Type definition.


Related to metafacades under AssociationEndFacadeLogicImpl.handleGetGetterSetterTypeName and ModelElementFacadeLogicImpl.handleGetFullyQualifiedName.


java 1.6, maven 2.2, magicdraw 16.8, emf2.2 model


Bob Fields
October 3, 2010, 1:34 PM

Removed code from uml22 Operation/ParameterFacade which removes the [] if already modeled as multiplicity *. Original reporter please test and verify the fix.


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