Add EMF UML2 3.1 (Eclipse Helios) modeling support


I have this working locally today, not yet committed. We need to find a permanent location for the org.eclipse.uml2 dependencies.

Currently EMF UML2 2.3 is supported in AndroMDA 3.4-SNAPSHOT. It's been three years since any UML2 artifacts have been updated in maven central. The latest versions of MagicDraw, Rational 8 beta, and Eclipse support UML2 v3.x, and the v3.1 EMF dependencies from Eclipse Helios (released 7/10) can load earlier UML2 versions seamlessly. I have been trying to either sync the Eclipse artifacts with maven central, or get the Eclipse foundation to fix the way the P2 artifacts are exposed as a maven repository at, see If I commit this update today, I am concerned that the Eclipse Helios maven repository is only temporary, and the artifacts cannot be synched to central because they lack source plus the proper metadata. Perhaps we can upload the UML2 artifacts to Sonatype ourselves? I'd really prefer to use the actual org.eclipse.uml2 groupid instead of putting them all under org.andromda.thirdparty.

If I do commit this update without also updating the related artifacts, we would have to watch the helios maven repository closely to see if it goes away suddenly. I want to avoid errors like


Andromda 3.4-SNAPSHOT as of 8/11/10. XP64 and Vista64, JDK 6 patch 21. MagicDraw 16.8, RSM8 beta.


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