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      I have a small problem with passing parameters between use cases. In 1st
      use case I have a <<FrontEndView>> with outgoing
      "Edit(idFoo:datatype::Long)" transition pointing to final state

      On 2nd use-case (editFooUseCase), there's Initial state, transition to
      action "Get foo information", which contains call event to to method
      (let's call it getFooInformation(); this method has idFoo:datatype::Long
      parameter) which retreives data for Foo object with received idFoo.

      The problem is, that if I fill the idFoo edit on the first page's
      generated form and press "edit" button, the received idFoo on 2nd
      usecase is null. However, if I set the idFoo parameter explicitly in
      browser's URL, everything works fine, idFoo is transfered to second use
      case and can be used in getFooInformation() defered method succesfully.

      Form on 1st usecase's page is generated like:
      <form name="someNameForm" method="post" action="/some/"...>
      <input type="text" name="idFoo" value="" onmous...../>

      ..and if I set idFoo edit in it and press edit button, it doesn't work.
      However http://localhost:8080/some/ works just fine.

      ------------------------- Wouter: ------------------------------------

      the parameters from the first usecase are stored in form X in request
      scope, so $request.x.myParam

      the parameters from the second usecase are stored in form Y in request
      scope, so $request.y.myParam

      that's why it seems you cannot get hold of the Y values when you are
      posting form X.

      when appending the values as query parameters straight in the URL you
      actually store them into request scope directly, for both usecases Struts
      will properly populate the forms, so you have access to this query
      parameter in three ways:


      I never actually used passing parameter between usecases that much myself,
      but I do want to solve your problem. In order to do that we would need to
      find a way to tell Struts to populate form Y (although it just finished
      populating form X)

      I need to investigate this further, I also need to validate what I just
      explained because I'm not 100% sure of it

      in the meantime you should be able to do this in your usecase's Y controller:


      can you file a jira issue for this, when I have a little more time I will
      get to the bottom of this and make sure it works, it's not really a
      bpm4struts bug, it's rather a Struts side-effect we need to work-around

      – Wouter




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